mAPs – migrating Artists Project is an international project between 5 European partners aiming to produce dance films addressing societal issues able to reachout for mass audiences through online platforms, TV channels and cinemas.

The first mAPs collection supported by Creative Europe will target the theme of POWER and be composed of 4 shorts and 1 creative documentary.

The 5 films of our first mAPs collection could be screened as a series or as a unique chaptered content of 90 to 120 minutes around the theme, boosting Societal Dance Films as a real innovative genre into the international market.


A film by
Aline-Sitoé N’DIAYE & Abdou N’GOM

Executive Producer – DAN.CIN.LAB

A black and white couple walks along a lake with Yaa, their babygirl. Later, 7-year-old Yaa faces for the first time her skin-color difference discovering shades of point-shoes in a store. When 15, Yaa hates herself, including her hair touched by strangers – she decides to copy her friends’ straight hair.

There starts her journey of mirroring the world around her, wanting desperately to fit in. When she cannot damage her hair any further, she understands she needs a deep change.


A film by
Ratavöloira Collective & Raffaele Irace

Executive Producer – COORPI

Richi is a 25 years old beginner player, a boy distressed by his loneliness, who sees in DANSOMATONs and their upgrades the possibility to build finally a relationship, even if not fully human. The meeting with Dedra, a long-winded player, passionate to the limit of obsession, is for Richi the opportunity to win the last missing points to be able to buy the word card to his DANSOMATON, Prisma. RIchi is ready to set off with his new empowered android friend, but PRISMA seems not be of the same advice.


A film by

Executive Producer – MALAKTA

Atlas has been living next to a wind turbine, in his remote and closed, yet safe and comfortable town.

Although a master of arm-spinning, Atlas progressively finds himself breaking away from the circular communal tradition of his town.

Until the explosion of his wind turbine burns his life’s meaning to the ground. In a bittersweet goodbye, he throws himself in a storm. He survives and understands he must find a new way forward.


A film by
Konstantina BOUSMPOURA & Ariadne MIKOU

Executive Producer – MØZ

On the anniversary of the violent murder of a queer activist in Athens, George, a well-established young lawyer, fails to set down a bunch of flowers in the public memorial surrounded by police.

During an important meeting with colleagues and clients, the disruption of the daily order due to the social gathering of the LGBTQ+ community will force him to face with his deeper feelings and his work mates.


A film by
Marc WAGENBACH in collaboration with DOP Anthony FAYE and mAPs collective

Executive Producer – TANZRAUSCHEN

Phoenix is tasked by the German Ministry of Interior to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Europe and the German economy by conducting interviews on a journey across four European states.

In Italy, Phoenix is confronted with the pandemic burden on the health system, discovering the massive human imprint on individuals and their memories connected to death and loss.

Further confrontation with the social and economic inequalities in Greece, the ignorance of a rich north in Finland, and almost beaten to death in a social riot following a soccer game in France, Phoenix becomes progressively detached from his old ways of looking at the world.

Finally returning to Germany, Phoenix understands that his former ways to engage with the world are no longer relevant and begins to feel world again.