By relying on the modern and accessible universal language of dance film, mAPs promotes the access of a very large audience to new narratives as keystones of another stage of European construction.

In order to share this powerful genre, mAPs develops a radical inclusion strategy taking into account the transformations that are taking place on a global scale:

• The explosion of amateur practices around the body and the image. This attests the fact that European populations wish to adopt a posture of actor (“the artist is me, I want to do, I want to say”) which precedes the posture of viewer and consumer.

• The people’s desire – amateurs or even novices – to become real protagonists of new art works, i.e. the development of an experiential culture (based on the senses)..

• The access to an exponential supply of images and practices allows European citizens to be their own prescribers (programmers) of artistic content. This process of disintermediation transforms the processes of creation and distribution of works and opens up new markets, new platforms adapted to this capacity for self-prescription.

• The search for new spaces for expression and exchange, facilitating collective participation. The willingness to participate in unique moments of citizens’ communion (stadiums, public spaces, stages, parties, games).

mAPs activates  local
  every step of its way!

Building a deep and strong citizen dialogue between mAPs artists and the Europe inhabitants.

The 5 co-founders have launched in each of their countries an inclusive actions program aimed at involving the local populations, indigenous and from the different migratory waves, in the process of developing mAP films.


Dance film screenings

How Dance and Cinema cross to question us about Power?

mAPs co-founders will programme in each of their countries a screening night with international and local dance films focusing on the theme of POWER. The event will take place online or in a cinema depending on covid-19 restrictions. The screening will be completed by a discussion between mAPs national team and the local audiences.



#challengingthe community

A series of engaging activities, with a focus to commune best practices of art+life making and to propose creative ways to use technology and the body on screen. The digital material that will emerge will be edited in a format of small video episodes and uploaded on mAPs online platform and social media in order to be accessible for the general public.

The actions will take place online, indoor or outdoor (depending on covid-19 restrictions) with accessible equipments: tablets, smartphones or cameras and internet connection.  



Discussing knowledge, perspectives and opinions to build common ground

A series of online dialogues with invited guest (filmmakers, choreographers, anthropologist, sociologist, theorists, festival programmers, activists…) questioning nowadays social issues connected to POWER – the political body on screen, the creative processes within pandemia, the power of transformation, etc.

mAPs e-TALKS will be open to broad audience and announced in social media as public events.



Words, signs and movements telling Your Stories / Your Bodies

Series of interviews of the inhabitants from each mAPs territory around the local theme connected to POWER.

The interviews will be recorded by the mAPs artists targeting people from different ages, backgrounds, situations in the most diverse communities.


mAPs Collective Kitchens

Cause sharing celebration is the best way to create dialogue and durable bonds between us

An evening of collective cooking, eating and celebrating the end of the shooting days, with the part of the community that supports and follows the dance film production throughout all the steps of the creation.


mAPs private screenings

Citizens feedback as a precious resource for mAPs collection till last minute

A private screening evening – preview of the dance film foloowed by a discussion between the inhabitants and the national artistic team after first editing!

mAPs artistic teams will invites their preferable audience from the communities they have worked with to watch, and reflect on their work-in-progress, before the final cut of mAPs dance films.