mAPs aim is to establish societal dancefilm as a real genre with the universal value needed for a durable impact worldwide.

mAPs will therefore be deployed through 4 spheres of action

• a development process for the 5 dance for screen projects composed of 4 fiction shorts and 1 creative documentary, gathered in the first mAPs collection focusing the theme of POWER

• a premium mentoring programme reserved for artistic teams from 5 countries involving professionals from each territory but also from abroad, in support of the production process of the films in the mAPs collection, articulated around 3 international campus and 3 local campus

• an inclusive actions program designed to involve the local populations of the invested territories, indigenous and from the different migratory waves, into the development of mAPs process through a deep and sustainable citizen dialogue connected to mAPs teams

• an innovative research based on collective art practice and governance, associated to the creation of a premium cross-media archive about dance film outbreaks, societal challenges and activism worldwide