mAPs – migrating Artists Project – is a transmedia cooperation project between five European countries aiming to support and mentor professional, experienced artists through the production and dissemination of a premium screendance collection, with a commitment to strong ethical values, questioning contemporary societal issues and involving communities into creative processes, every step of the way.

The first mAPs collection focuses on the theme of POWER  in Europe.

Each of mAPs teams is developing the project in its own country around a sub-theme connect to the POWER issue:

DAN.CIN.LAB / France

Power • Identities – Influencers and Casualties of Power

COORPI / Italy

Power • Data – Digital Supremacy and New Technologies of Power

MALAKTA / Finland

Power • Environment – Climate Crisis and Strategies of Power

 MØZ / Greece

Power • Mutations – Transformation through Power


Power • Power – Intimate and collective Power

mAPs stands for a fair and inclusive process

as the foundation of both a strong citizen community and a recognized brand.

mAPs final goal is to state dance films as a real genre in the worldwide online and cinema landscape, rich of a tremendous universal value able to reach for a real societal impact needed from every part of our continent, and most widely, from the world itself.

Thanks to its hybrid language, dance film development and diffusion acts as growth tool in the process of expansion, diversification and involvement of wider and new audiences, through direct inclusion.

Challenging dance and cinema across Europe

The Covid-19 pandemic is today reinforcing the nationalist retreat that gradually destroys the creative spaces defending Europe as a land of welcome, inclusion and diversity within a logic of solidarity, empowerment and sustainable economic development. For several years now, we have been operating European cooperation projects to come up against fears, precariousness, violence and the growing disparities between Northern and Southern Europe.

Together, mAPs 5 co-founders will produce in 2021 four original dance short films and one creative documentary on the common theme of POWER in Europe. Each country/structure has taken up a sub-theme to be explored through a strong citizen dynamic developed on its territory. 


mAPs is strengthen by many partners sharing the same values and goals, committed to challenge with us Dance and Cinema in Europe!