Abdou N’Gom
Choreographer – Dancer

The Stylistik Company was created in Lyon in 2006 by Clarisse Veaux and Abdou N’gom, two dancers from hip hop. Dedicated to crossbreeding, their collaboration is enriched by their openness to other artistic universes in order to discover new gestures that carry meaning.

In September 2014, Abdou N’gom will take over the direction of the company on his own. He is working to reveal his contemporary and personal writing, generous, curious and full of physicality. He explores the sensible and the sensitive. The company’s repertoire is composed of : Vis-à-Vis (2008), Entre Deux (2009), À ton image, Same Same (2012 – reprise 2014), Show (2014), Falang (2014) and Résistances (2016).

In 2018, he begins the creation of a trilogy around the theme IDENTITIES in which he co-signs with Mehdi Krüger two films danced on different territories: En Résistances and Traces 54. After two seasons of filming the first part mixing dance and poetry – Nos Mouvements Incessants -, in 2020/2021, he launched the second part, Reverse, a choreography for 5 women. In parallel to his creative work, Abdou N’gom asserts his determination to share his passion through awareness raising and transmission actions.